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We @ InfoSpan focus not just at delivering Right Solutions to Businesses but also building the Intellectual Capital which helps us serve our Business Community in breakthrough ways. Over the past several years InfoSpan has developed considerable Intellectual Capital in the Healthcare Industry, Capital Markets, Banking and Internet / E-Commerce arenas. We have developed focused solutions that address critical business issues for clients and more broadly, throughout our experience in the technology services arena, we have successfully tailored our services and solutions to meet the unique requirements of clients in many industries.

We @ InfoSpan have over the period of time developed a Software Development Model (SDM) which combines the best of the different models and learning's from our industry. We call it the InfoSpan Approach. Before we came up with the InfoSpan Approach we tried different SDM's some of which are Chaos Model, RAD, Agile Methodology, RUP and more. The successes and failures from these approaches prompted us to come up with our own approach which suites the pressing needs of today's Software Industry.

Infospan Approach is about Think, Solve and Grow.

It's the optimized solution for all the current problems. The iterative approach of Think Solve and Grow supports in Rapid Application Development as well as Support lifecycle. Risk Management and Quality control is the continuous process which runs throughout the life cycle. This ensures the quality work in quantity time.

We donít churn out code and increase the project count Ė we solve problems and garner valuable pieces of knowledge along the way. Drawing from our own experience and staying tuned for platform-specific developments, we maintain a unified, collaboratively managed knowledge base, promoting technological open-mindedness and superior productivity.

Every piece of software that we build is a response to a tangible, real-world pain. We take the time to listen to the usersí concerns and learn the specifics of the customerís business, thus coupling technological knowledge with domain awareness. By leveraging a repository of reusable components, patterns and approaches, we can afford to bypass painful spells of trial and error and look for architectural elegance, achieving more with less.

We offer the advantage of getting started with a project immediately and, should the necessity arise, easily scaling the project scope or the assigned teams, as well as selecting the most suitable organizational models. Our customers range from start-up product companies to fortune 500 companies coming from a variety of domains, and we take due care to accommodate their needs, right from the outset focusing on establishing mutually beneficial, long-term arrangements.




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