Med Optimus aims at scheduling the nursing staff to the respective shifts by considering all the applicable rules and policies. It generates schedules for the resources as per the planning period and in accordance with the shift and the union rules. It deploys an ideal mix of skilled, qualified and cost-effective nurses for optimal patient care. Med Optimus adheres to the nine principles identified by the expert panel for nurse staffing and adopted by the ANA Board of Directors.


  • Helps in defining scheduling rules
  • Schedules full-time, part-time and casual employees
  • Manage and monitor schedule discrepancies
  • Schedules shifts based on skill, rank, preferences and business rules
  • Considers appropriate clinical competencies required of the nurse practicing in specific areas
  • Facilitates for a detailed analysis of nursing-sensitive indicators:
  • Turnover/vacancy rates
  • Overtime rates
  • Rate of use of supplemental staffing
  • Levels of nurse staff satisfaction
  • Provides detailed information required for payroll
  • Supports multiple departments, wards, or units
  • Reduces scheduling time
  • Improves scheduling efficiency by predictive planning for holiday and weekend rotations
  • Eliminates avoidable overtime
  • Identifies and avoids overstaffing
  • Provides an insight into the operations through various management reports.
  • Increases efficiency for shift supervisors and management.

This product has been developed by Infospan to automate time allocation for Physicians at hospitals. The Physicians can access this system over the web, both from workplace and also from home. The system has its own authorization mechanism and is used by Physicians (end users) to input the time spent on different activities and view/print/approve reports electronically.

  • This Billing Compliance System not just improves the workflow but also helps in achieving operational efficiency over hospitals archaic systems (by reducing the human interfaces and automating the process workflow) thus allowing the Hospitals (to reduce man hours, cost and time) to move one step closer to EMR.
  • This product also provides System Maintenance Utility for the Finance Department (Application Administrators) in order to schedule and send automated electronic messages to the users for different activities like reminders, approval requests, password reset(s), import salary data from HR system and generate/review/modify various Reports.
  • There is a Reporting Utility based on the role of the user (Normal user / Administrator) to produce reports in different formats (XLS, PDF, TXT).
  • The system interfaces Salary and User data from the HR system.


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