About InfoSpan (Vision & Values)  
  InfoSpan Technologies Inc.
Committed to Delivering Business Solutions

At InfoSpan, we help clients innovate their businesses to achieve extraordinary results by delivering the right business solutions, on time and on budget.

InfoSpan provides an entire solution including the necessary interfaces, best practice configurations and packaged implementations so that clients have a full, yet simplified solution that addresses problem.

We @ InfoSpan Technologies, provide technology solutions to Healthcare industry, Financial Services industry and other industriy verticals. InfoSpan Technologies helps clients institutionalize analytics in their organizations using global delivery.

Today, we continue to set the standard by making clients successful and helping them realize the opportunities that exist within their organizations. Clients choose InfoSpan for the way we Think about the problem, Solve it cost effectively, and help Grow collaboratively.

Values @ InfoSpan Technologies
( InFoSPan – Integrity, Focus Commitment, Speed and Agility, People)

@ InfoSpan Technologies whatever we do is inspired by our core values. We @ InfoSpan Technologies always do business with integrity and values. Now more than ever the expression and adherence to values is vital.

More than just a set of words, these values embody the spirit of InfoSpan Tech at its best. They reflect the energy and spirit of our company that has the solid foundation, to deliver by exceeding customer expectations.

These values inspire and articulate the code of conduct that guides every InfoSpan employee to recommit themselves to a common set of beliefs about how we work in our world today, thus delivering value to our customer’s and society at large.

Integrity (Openness, Fairness, Honesty)
We value truth, honesty and openness with our clients and with each other, by taking responsibility of our actions and there outcomes. We are ethical beyond doubt. Anything gray is black. We always tell the truth; whether good or bad. We respect client confidentiality.

Focus/Commitment (Passionate, Innovation, Teamwork, Value for Money, Reliability)
We are a passionate team of customer focused individuals with execution excellence. We create value-for-money for our customers by developing innovative and reliable solutions,

Speed and Agility
We achieve the ‘impossible’ for our clients by delivering high value solutions with speed and quality.

We respect every individual, their views and their diversity. We foster an information sharing culture. We work collaboratively to ensure that intellectual assets, information are captured, organized, shared, and reused by our employees. There by enabling our employees to grow, to more successfully meet our organizational goals and customer requirements.
We empower our people with necessary skills (through continuous learning and training), authority, freedom and encouraging them to take initiative, give their best and be accountable.

Goals @ Corporate

Think - about customer, people and community.
Solve - help provide solutions to problems.
Grow - our customer, people, company and community together.



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